Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question?

Personally, I like to ask an individual, even if it's by email, if you feel that way as well, our email is Please drop us a line and we'll be glad to give you private attention. If you prefer instant gratification please check our answers below.

Can I pay with using my credit or debit card?

As of September 2017 you will be able to pay us directly with your credit card. We do strongly recommend the use of PayPal for transactions, safer for you. 

I'd like to send my order as a gift, can you do gift wrapping?

Our handbags and accessories come with a custom exterior bag. It's quite cute and most people find that is enough. If you require something more, please drop us a note. Remember, we're in Rwanda, not much birthday wrapping paper here.

Are your products waterproof?

Our canvas bags are water-resistant as we treat them with Rwanda beeswax to protect them.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we will ship internationally to the US, Europe and Canada. We will also ship on the African continent. Shipping rates do vary and remember, it takes a little longer to receive your shipment from Rwanda.