New Year’s in Egypt

It’s really a lovely place Egypt. I’m not a desert person. I don’t like the dry, sandy, heat, but seeing it in late December and early January, it had a special feeling. Now, maybe it was all the Christmas decorations, and the huge smiles from so many people who were so happy to see Americans. Egypt’s Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January, so we heard “Merry Christmas” everywhere. With only a small population of their country Christian, I was surprised, but everyone said it.

Of course, you do for the temples, and we saw many of them. Ramsee’s Abu Simbal was of course, the most spectacular. But I also admired Hatshepsut’s as well as her story of being one of the best pharaohs, and a woman too. Thirty years of prospering under this lady, and no war! She also opened up trade with Somalia, which brought Egypt a new trading partner. Though I’m not sure what Somalia got from it.

It was great to be inside the temples, and you can still see the colors from many of the paintings. Bright blue, green and yellows. When you could get close to one that still had it’s outline, it was cool to see the details of black lines around the face and eyes. I also saw a number of patterns that were copied for the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements in the early part of the 20th century.

It also got me to thinking about patterns for our linings, I think working with those colors and patterns for a lining in our handbags would be perfect. Stay tuned…

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